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The Fruits Of One’s Labor

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While many people can take advantage of holidays as a way to relax and have a day off, many US holidays are still all about industry.  Big sales entice shoppers into stores but also offer online only benefits for different windows of time on the actual day of the holiday.  For many retailers, Labor Day is an appropriately named celebration, since it really is a time of great activity and work.

Shoppers who can take advantage of these sales are from all across the globe, especially as internet outlets have advanced to create this convenience.  Challenges can arise with retailers who do not ship to out of US addresses or require US accounts for payments.  However, this does not stop the savvy sale follower, since shopping promotional deals and US sites can still give way to prices and coveted products.

Making Sales Universal

The US Unlocked Card gives consumers around the globe the chance to find bargains and celebrate Labor Day in their own way.  Our pre-paid card can be loaded with funds and is accepted by many international retailers who take prepaid.  Further ease of shopping comes from the fact that our card is serviced by a US bank, and gives buyers a US billing address to overcome the obstacles of qualifying for Labor Day sales.  This opens up a world of opportunities and a world of products.

While major US retail chains such as Nordstrom’s and Target have a number of bargains for the holiday, specific vendors will also acknowledge the day.  Apple has sales on products such as iPads and iPad minis as well as on services through iTunes.  Since many of these opportunities can be country-specific, US Unlocked accounts give global consumers a way to make purchases that benefit their shopping goals.

Although applying for the card is easy and relatively fast, it can take several business days to verify information and have all the pertinent account attributes issued.  As Labor Day is less then 2 weeks from now, it may be prudent for shoppers to begin getting ready for the sales events.  While this might include browsing through the previews of upcoming deals, it can also include getting ready by making sure that acceptable payment, billing, and shipping is in place in advance.  This can allow for a hassle free and pleasant shopping experience.

If you are already excited about Labor Day sales, than we invite you to get ready by getting your US Unlocked card in place, and loading funds before the holiday.  Having purchase power and purchase options is a great way to celebrate this holiday that is all about industry. Sign Up Today!

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