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The iPad: coveted before it even existed

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For the past few years many rumored about the mythical ‘Apple tablet’. It was even given a name: iSlate. It was unclear if the device was ever going to exist, but it had everyone going crazy anyhow.

Apple is just a master in creating hypes, carefully leaking bits and pieces. Just enough for the fans to start talking about it. They must be listening in to all that is said to figure out what it is that people want and they create just that. No not just that, they go way further. Consumers are practically lining up for the product before the new product is even confirmed to exist or released.

So the Apple tablet does exist now. It is not called iSlate, but iPad and it is everything from a computer to an eReader. It is not for sale yet, but it is a rock star already. Steven Colbert used the iPad to read out the nominees. How cool is that!!

US Unlocked has been overwhelmed with emails and tweets from international online shoppers around the globe with questions whether the iPad will be available through US Unlocked, since the iPad will first only be sold in the US. Apple would not be Apple if they did not everything to avoid the device to be sold across the border. Luckily the iPad will also be sold (starting at $499) through authorized dealers MacConnection and B&H, be it probably a week or so later. Once the green light is given and the iPad is for sale, our team at US Unlocked will be working day and night to help our users to shop for the iPad and ship it to them internationally.

Great news for the international user is that the format of the iBooks (Apple will start iBook library) is EPUB, according to this blog post.

There is no official release date yet. Apparently, Apple is waiting for the iPad to be authorized before it can be sold. There is no doubt about it that the iPad has already become to most coveted gadget of 2010!

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