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Tips and tricks on buying Oakley sunglasses in the USA

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Did you know that Oakley started out selling motorcycling grips? Nowadays this brand is best known for its sporty eyewear.

However, many have found that they were unable to place an order on All while they used their US Unlocked Card and US packaging forwarding address to comply with this merchant’s requirement for a US credit card and US billing (and shipping) address.

Quite, unfortunately, it is Oakley’s policy to not accept orders with freight forwarding addresses.

Luckily Oakley products are sold all over the web and not just on its own website. We will be listing some websites for you where you can find the same assortment and use your US Unlocked prepaid card with US address.

Amazon has an entire Oakley collection and many frames sell for less than on the Oakley website. Have a look at Oakley Men’s Holbrook (pictured on the left), this pair sells for $140 on Oakley but for only $104 on Amazon (plus free shipping).

More good deals can be found on 6PM, the outlet website for Zappos. Prices start at $39.95 but this website seems to be selling mostly discontinued styles.

We looked up a new arrival for women that has a high sell-out risk, the Ringer. This frame sells for the same price of $150 on Moosejaw. This merchant sells outdoor, ski and sport gear and coincidentally is partnered with MyUS. MyUS customers will have extra ease shopping here especially because you can use your MyUS address for the US Unlocked Card as well.

If you love the look and quality of Oakley eyewear and you do not live in the USA, this post will be helpful in finding the right pair. Above all, you will be able to place your order successfully without any hassles. It will be just a matter of time before you will be sporting your new set of Oakleys.

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