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Unique and affordable holiday gifts

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Holiday shopping can be fun but also very stressful indeed. Especially when buying for different ages with different tastes and interests. Wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop shop place where you can find a great variety of fun and unique gifts that are sure to please the teen and adult AND that is easy on your wallet?

For exactly that purpose we at US Unlocked recommend checking out Macy’s and The Container Store. Both stores have succeeded in handpicking an extremely fun collection of colorful, trendy and practical gifts. At Macys, the selection is more geared to gadgets for both him and her and most items sell under $35. The Container Store, known for durability and quality, focuses on the practicality of the gifts which sell under $20.

All in all these two places are a great place to start working down your list of gifts to buy. We will continue to follow up with the best holiday shopping from the USA. All orders will be repacked and consolidated free of charge to be shipped out to over 240 countries!

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