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Subscribe to CBS All Access to Watch your Favorite CBS Shows

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Untitled (9)What is CBS All Access?

CBS All Access is the TV streaming service offered by CBS that grants its users access to 7,500 episodes. Hawaii Five-O, NCIS, Blue Bloods and The Good Wife, are a few CBS shows that you will be able to view on demand using CBS All Access. Pretty much, if the show has ever aired on CBS, you’ll be able to watch it. Into CBS classic shows? Not a problem, with CBS All Access you can watch an extensive amount of classic shows without ads. We all know the frustrations that come with ads while we are watching our favorite shows.

One of my favorite lines, “watch your favorite shows anywhere, at any time.” CBS All Access is available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, chromecast, and Android. So you truly have the freedom to watch the 7,500 shows CBS All Access has to offer.  Like Hulu, with CBS All Access you will be able to watch new episodes the next day. What’s so great about this service is that it is only $5.99 per month after your first free week.

How can you subscribe to CBS All Access?

The same way you use Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go; you use our US Unlocked Card. If you don’t have our card yet, you can SIGN UP TODAY. How do you use our card to sign up?

  1. Go to CBS All Access while connected over VPN with a US IP address.
  2. Set up your CBS All Access account using your US Unlocked Card and US Billing Address.
  3. Start watching!


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