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The US Unlocked Starter Guide: Your Gateway to Content & Deals

US Unlocked Virtual Debit Card


US Unlocked Virtual Debit Card

For your shopping pleasure, we put this starter guide together offering a way for you to take advantage of your new US Unlocked card.


Step 1: Connect Your Smartphone to the U.S. Store

You can connect your Android or Apple iOS smartphone to either the Play Store or App Store and immediately have all the apps and content available. Just be sure to use your US Unlocked Card as the primary card when registering on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Step 2: Subscribe to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers free 2-day shipping AND an entire video library of original series and recently released movies. You can subscribe to Amazon Prime using your US Unlocked Card.

Step 3: Subscribe to Music & TV Streaming Services

Listen to the best tunes on the vast music libraries on Spotify and Apple Music. Or, watch live TV using DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, or Sling TV.

Step 4: Join the Rewards Program for Your Favorite Retailers

The online sales in the U.S. are already great. However, online retailers offer you even better deals when you sign up for their rewards program. They want you to shop more, so they practically throw sales at you. You will never have to pay market price for anything ever again.

Step 5: ENJOY

Happy shopping!