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Using Microsoft Zune and Xbox Services with a USunlocked Card

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Did you know that by using
the US Unlocked Card you can also download movies and music from Zune and games
for your Xbox?

The US Unlocked Card
provides you with the US billing address required for these services. If you
are a card holder already, you are one step closer to downloading from
and xbox.xom.

We asked one of our
customers, Soma from Singapore, to put together a tutorial based on his own
experience, on how to get started.


How to use Zune services
from outside the US


1. Ensure your Windows 7
laptop/desktop location at Control Panel -> Region and Language ->
location is set to United States.


2. On your Windows 7
laptop/desktop, go to

Create a new account but
with country as United States and postcode as in Usunlocked Credit Card

Ignore if you already have
a US hotmail account.


3. Go to,
and add your USunlocked Credit Card details.

This will then
auto-populate and with the Usunlocked Credit
Card details.


4. Connect to the internet
with a VPN service provider so you get a US IP address; I use HideMyAss VPN.


5. Buy Microsoft Points

Go to and purchase your
Microsoft Points with the Usunlocked credit card.


Fire up Zune Desktop
software, and rent a movie; it’ll lead you to buy Microsoft Points with the
Usunlocked credit card.

NOTE : You must be on US
VPN to purchase Microsoft Points. or
the Zune Desktop Software doesn’t allow you otherwise.


6. Still connected to VPN,
you can purchase movies, etc via Zune Desktop using the Microsoft Points.

NOTE : You must be on US
VPN for streaming/downloading to work.


Thank you, Soma for putting this together!


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