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VPN Offers Access to the Good Stuff

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US manufacturers are known for producing the latest and most advanced technologies, along with many other desirable domestic items that are not easy to come by elsewhere. Even if the opportunity to gain a desired item presents itself outside of the US, it is often outdated compared to the availability within the US.

This trend has created an incredibly high demand for online ordering. However, various obstacles exist when purchasing an item from a US domain with a foreign IP address, frustrating international consumers across the world.

Quite a number of popular websites, Apple being a very important one in particular, will simply block a purchase if their system picks up a non-US IP address. An annoying message will pop up stating that your security code is incorrect when you are fully aware that there is nothing wrong with your security code. This is just a generic error message that is received when an IP address is being blocked, and it is a popular tactic employed by various websites to give you an error message without indicating the presence of a specific problem.

Download-based merchandise will present a problem when it comes to possessing a US IP address. However, with a VPN provided by US Unlocked, you will no longer hit an online wall between you and your purchase. A VPN is a virtual private network that uses the Internet to provide remote users access to a central organizational network. When using a VPN, the same website that hassled you with an error message when using a non-US IP address will have no qualms processing your request. Those who could not purchase a Nook from Barnes and Noble, much less access the e-books, now have the opportunity to download e-books directly to their tablet wherever they are in the world.

VPNs are remarkably user-friendly. We have partnered with the market leader in VPN providing services, HideMyAss. VPNs are valuable in that they are not only available to use when purchasing items online, but they allow access to websites that are normally blocked to non-US IP addresses. For example, political activists in China have the ability to access political conversations that they had been banned from previously. What makes a VPN unique is that it not only allows access to multiple websites around the world, but they also protect your computer. It is not simply hiding your IP address; it is securing the information that you have to submit to make purchases. A VPN is essential to the international consumer. Residing in a place other than the US should not deny you access to the latest and most desired products. We live in a technological age where everything should be available, no matter where you are located.

Set up a HideMyAss account now and start using a US IP address today!

NOTE: Some users have reported that HideMyAss! is blocked in their (Middle Eastern) country. To circumvent this problem, one can try to download the HMA app from iTunes or Google Play store and set it up that way. Secondly, it might be possible to use Tor browser bundle to buy HMA. Lastly, opting for an alternative VPN provider such as StrongVPN could be your solution.

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