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Access ChatGPT Plus in Excluded Countries


ChatGPT is a hot commodity at the moment. Developed by OpenAI, 2023 has been a breakout year for the latest AI-powered chat tool, often found working in the background and powering a range of apps, it has become more at the forefont with its ease of use and can be incorporated into many daily activities. It can provide code, setup workflows, write copy, provide translations, write poetry…all at a very good quality.


Currently there are 2 different models. The GPT-3.5 is pretty decent and available for free. The more advanced GPT-4 is only available to Plus subscribers. One of the keys with both tools is that it’s very good at dialogue and as such, can offer feedback that is easily understood. It can also tap into a huge dataset to learn patterns and relationships in any given text sequence.

All this is well and good and for many it has become a truly impressive (and useful) tool. Recently it has been rolled out to a lot of countries outside of the U.S but still not all have access, especially to the GPT-4 version for Plus users. Plus requires a subscription so if your only means of payment is locally, you would be out of luck.

Some countries don’t allow ChatGPT due to censorship laws and regulation like in North Korea, Iran, Cuba, China and Syria. Other countries like Italy have also restrictions due to breach of privacy rules, Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt and Afghanistan for various reasons all do not allow the use of ChatGPT.

How to Access?

VPN – certainly signing up for a VPN solution is a good start though this will only allow you to signup for the GPT-3.5 version or the free one which can be pretty spotty at times and experiences a lot of downtime and server timeouts depending on when you try to access

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Check with any one of our VPN recommendations to get started with those.

US Unlocked – So if you are looking for the ChatGPT Plus version, you’re going to have to pay using a credit card based outside of your country that provides an address to include your details

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Go ahead and signup for the US Unlocked virtual payment card. Load your card. It may take some time to load based on your bank. Once it’s loaded, go ahead and signup for ChatGPT. When you’re setup with a ChatGPT Plus account, away you go.

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