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Amazon USA


Shop Amazon USA from Outside U.S.A

Amazon a global superstore that not only offers a marketplace for purchasing hundreds and thousands of products but also includes services like Music, TV, Movies, Sports, eBooks and more. If you’re outside the USA, you most likely do have access to a local Amazon website and services or there is also an Amazon global store where you can often access products not available in your particular country.

amazon global

Amazon global can be pretty handy but there may be shipping issues and the product or service that you really want is not available plus there may be additional fees.

Shipping Costs – while Amazon does a great job convincing sellers to offer free shipping, if you are located outside the sales region, you’ll probably see a fairly significant increase in shipping costs. Sometimes that shipping cost may not be worth the price of admission.

Currency Fees – when buying internationally, you’ll most likely be using your local card. While it may be super convenient, you’re relying on their exchange rate which don’t always match more favorable rates advertised elsewhere plus some banks will add a foreign exchange fee.

How to Get Around International Amazon Fees

Using a borderless virtual payment card like US Unlocked will allow you to pay for your goods and services from the real exchange rate or if your timing is right, you can actually take advantage of market fluctuations to get an even better rate. Combine that with a freight-forwarder if you are purchasing goods and shipping will often be free and you can take advantage of the more affordable forwarding options.

How to Purchase

  1. Go to the U.S. version of the Amazon store ( If it redirects you, you may want to use a VPN and change the location to the U.S. You can use your usual amazon login.
  2. Locate the product or service you would like buy and “Add to Cart”
  3. Check out using your US Unlocked card details and adjust the shipping/billing address to the one listed in your US Unlocked portal.
  4. Sit back and await delivery