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Buying Apple USA products

Apple products are some of the most popular consumer electronics equipment in the world. They also have websites and stores around the world but what happens when an item you want isn’t available in your country yet or is out of your budget with within reach in US dollars? You can certainly go on the Apple USA website and try your luck there but they typically don’t accept international cards, nor do they ship internationally. You could have a friend order and ship for you but not everyone has such a friend plus there are also risks involved with doing so. You could also try using a virtual payment card plus a freight forwarder to get the job done.

The US Unlocked virtual payment card essentially allows you to place an order on a website in the USA that requires a U.S billing address. When you setup your account with US Unlocked, you’ll get something like a credit card with numbers, expiration and CVV as well as an associated billing address. You’ll also be given the option of setting up a Freight Forwarder (the system will often select the best option based on your location):

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Once that’s sorted and you’ve set up your merchant-specific card, make sure you’re set on a VPN and away you go to Check out some of the more popular products:

iPhone – The Apple iPhone is their most popular product with over 1.5 billion sold worldwide since its release in 2007. Currently selling iPhone 12 models, you’ll still find people using iPhone 6’s. Current models run between $600 and $1000 USD. In the UK that $1000 model would covert to around $1500, more in other countries so purchasing through Apple USA would be a strong option.

iPad – with several models ranging from the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad to the iPad mini, these tablets continue to increase in popularity for their convenience and their improved performance. The iPad Pro is for many a legitimate computer replacement.

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MacBook – for the more serious user, there’s a strong line of MacBook’s that includes the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The newer models feature the M1 chip which offers a considerable boost in performance. Depending on your configuration, the cost can run from $800 to $3000 USD.

iMac and Mac – These desktop versions are still available and a great option given they have more oomph and drive capacity. iMacs come in 2 sizes as does the Mac which has a Mac Pro and a Mac MIni.

Apple Music – this subscription service will require a recurring payment card from US Unlocked giving you access to a huge music inventory.

Apple TV – also a subscription service with many TV shows and movies unique to the USA. Also will require the recurring payments US Unlocked card.