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Category: Updates

How to Use WeChat Pay

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Right now WeChat Pay can only be used for mainland China. The first step is to click the load button in the top left corner. Then select the amount that you would like to load onto your account. Once you select the amount that you want Click the preferred method you would like to use, View Detail

How to use the One-Time Use Card

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Best 3 Things to Know with the One-Time Use Card Use when you want to make a quick purchase at a unique merchant. Automatically closes 2 minutes after your first charge completes. After this card closes you can click on the One-Time Use Card again and it will generate a new card for you to View Detail

Celebrate With 2 Weeks of Fee-Free Loads

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The wait is over! US Unlocked is back! US Unlocked offers the ability to purchase US goods and services with Virtual Payment Cards that have a US Billing/Shipping Address. From April 3rd to April 17th you have the ability to load your US Unlocked Account without incurring any load fees! Save money loading and have View Detail

US Unlocked is Back

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After a long-anticipated return, US Unlocked is back and better than ever!  We have given the entire platform a facelift from our Consumer Facing Dashboard to our Backend Systems. The team has been hard at work in order to enable members a more seamless/secure experience when shopping US Merchants online.  The US Unlocked dashboard has View Detail

Update on new card program for US Unlocked

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In our last update we shared that we have found a new home for US Unlocked and the next steps would be to get the new bank’s and network’s official approval and to do the integration. Unfortunately no real progress has been achieved since due to the time of the year where approvals typically are postponed View Detail

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