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Access Peacock TV from Outside the U.S

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NBCUniversal introduced its own streaming service in 2020 and quickly became a worthy subscription offering with a wealth of TV shows and movies from its immense catalog that includes content from NBC and its subsidiaries including USA Network, Hallmark, WWE, NBC Sports, Bravo and a movies via Universal Studios and Dreamworks. With exclusive rights to sports events like the Olympic Games, Indy Car, Premier League and Rugby it has become a valuable service in its own right and a must-have subscription for many.

What Peacock Streaming is Bringing to the Table

Peacock offers 2 subscription tier options now that their free tier has been discontinued as of January 2023.

  1. Premium ($4.99 a month) – this ad-supported tier gives you access to a large part of their inventory including most live events, original shows, movies and more.
  2. Premium Plus ($9.99 a month) – with this you’ll get full access to their inventory, including their live events, tv shows and movies but with no ads (though some live sports events may have ads depending on their arrangement). You also will be able to download and watch certain shows offline.

What Shows are Available on Peacock?

Many of the traditional popular shows from NBC are all available on Peacock like:

Law & Order, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, New Amsterdam, Friday Night Lights, Blacklist, Kingdom, La Brea, Brooklyn 99, Parks and Recreation, Married with Children, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Quantum Leap, House, 30 Rock.

Peacock also offers a range of Originals including:

Mars Davis, Prince of Bel Air, Poker Face, Queens Court, Dr. Death, Rutherford Falls, Irreverent, A Friend of the Family and One of Us is Lying.

Some movies are only available on Peacock:

Megan, Puss in Boots, Meet Cute, Ticket to Paradise, Bros, Emma, plus a slew of older titles like John Wick, Bruce Almighty, Dallas Buyers Club and Jurassic World.

Some sports are only available through Peacock as well:

The Olympic Games and FIFA world cup are events that are often exclusive to Peacock as well as many live events like Premier League games, IndyCar series, WWE, some NFL and MLB games, College Football and Basketball plus a variety of golf, NASCAR and Rugby.

Where can you Watch Peacock TV?

The full Peacock inventory is mostly only available in the U.S but other countries can sign up and subscribe on their own country with restrictions including UK, Ireland, and some countries in Europe. Those who want full access but live outside of the U.S can sign up via US Unlocked to “unlock” full access.

How to Sign-up Using your US Unlocked Account

You can use your US Unlocked Card to have endless hours of streaming with Peacock TV. Being a Peacock TV member gives you endless hours with your favorite sitcoms and binge-worthy shows all from NBC Universal!

Many of our US Unlocked Cardholders are already enjoying the benefits of Peacock TV. To sign up here are the steps:

  1. Be a US Unlocked Cardholder! Sign Up
  2. Make your first card load payment
  3. Once your load clears your account is set up
  4. Set up your Merchant-Specific Card settings
  5. Connect over VPN from a U.S. IP address
  6. Start Peacock TV registration
  7. Enter US Unlocked Card details and make payment
  8. Make sure the billing address is correct
  9. Start shopping!

It is always recommended to check whether your VPN is working. You can go to The IP location displaying should be somewhere in the USA. Once the Sling membership is active you can start using all its features. 

Create your US Unlocked account to start streaming Peacock TV today!