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Flock to Peacock TV

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NBCUniversal has been highlighting it’s new streaming service for months and now it’s finally here! Users are claiming the new service is Christmas in July, due to the massive assortment of television shows and entertainment that have been released, and many of these shows are available to view for the low price of FREE!

What Peacock Streaming is Bringing to the Table

  • Users are now able to stream iconic binge-worthy shows with such as Downtown Abbey, Parks and Recreation, and Saturday Night Live.
  • Peacock is also offering an assortment of movies, Spanish-language TV shows from Telemundo, daily live news, and even access to movies from major studios such as DreamWorks, Focus Features, and Universal.
  • Peacock also features the first Peacock Original movie Psych 2: Lassie Come Home
  • Right now Peacock is supported on these devices, with more to come in the future.
  • Free to sign-up!
  • A premium option that starts at only $4.99/month, with a free seven-day trial!
  • A premium plus option that starts at $9.99/month and gives access to tons of streaming with no ads, and soon it’ll allow offline viewing capabilities.

How to Sign-up Using your US Unlocked Account

You can use your US Unlocked Card to have endless hours of streaming with Peacock TV. Being a Peacock TV member gives you endless hours with your favorite sitcoms and binge-worthy shows all from NBC Universal!

Many of our US Unlocked Cardholders are already enjoying the benefits of Peacock TV. To sign up here are the steps:

  1. Be a US Unlocked Cardholder! Sign Up
  2. Make your first card load payment
  3. Once your load clears your account is set up
  4. Set up your Merchant-Specific Card settings
  5. Connect over VPN from a U.S. IP address
  6. Start Peacock TV registration
  7. Enter US Unlocked Card details and make payment
  8. Make sure the billing address is correct
  9. Start shopping!

It is always recommended to check whether your VPN is working. You can go to The IP location displaying should be somewhere in the USA. Once the Sling membership is active you can start using all its features. 

Create your US Unlocked account to start streaming Peacock TV today!

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