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Getting Ready for USA Sales by Loading your US Unlocked Account!

lucrezia carnelos
lucrezia carnelos

One of the benefits of the US Unlocked virtual payment card when you’re living outside of the U.S is taking advantage of U.S sales. Between Black Friday, Labor Day, July 4th, Valentine’s Day, and the Christmas Season, holiday sales can mean pretty significant savings on a range of items. For those in the market for a big ticket item like a laptop or those favorite pair of sneakers, waiting for the sales to come about can be a savvy move. You want to be prepared for when the time comes so making sure you have a US Unlocked account with money loaded is very important because it can sometime take time for approvals.

Signing Up for a US Unlocked Account

The signing up process is typically fairly straight forward. Click on the Get Your Card anywhere on the US Unlocked website.

USU signup

As part of your signup process, you’ll have to verify your email address and also add some KYC proof if you plan on loading more than $500, usually passport or drivers license and then you’ll be taken to your dashboard.

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In your dashboard, you’ll have the opportunity to connect a funding account, usually a bank account.

Loading your Account

Log into your account on the US Unlocked web site and choose the amount you wish to load and click ‘Load My Account’. Now choose your preferred payment method and proceed to complete the payment.

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The settlement time between a payment provider and US Unlocked is 3-5 business days. The funds clear to your card the next business day after you have received the notification.

The maximum balance allowed on your US Unlocked Account is $3,500.

You will receive a payment notification when the payment is received and reported to us. The funds clear to your account the next business day after you have received the notification and you’ll be ready to shop.

We offer various (local) bank transfers, Ideal, Sofort, Yandex, WeChat Pay, ArgenCard, Banco Do Brasil, Bancontact, Boleto Bancario, DirectPayEU, eps, giropay, MyBank, POLi [AUD], POLi [NZD], Prezelewy24, TrustPay, Teleingreso, & Verkkopankk. Head to your country page to view the current bank load options.

Here at US Unlocked, we try to make the process as user friendly as possible. If you have any questions, check our chat option, FAQ’s or contact us through our form! Happy Shopping!