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How to use the One-Time Use Card

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Blog 2

Best 3 Things to Know with the One-Time Use Card

  • Use when you want to make a quick purchase at a unique merchant.
  • Automatically closes 2 minutes after your first charge completes.
  • After this card closes you can click on the One-Time Use Card again and it will generate a new card for you to use.

How to Use a One-Time Use card

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The first step is to click anywhere on the card to active

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After you have clicked on the card this screen will appear. Click either “Send SMS Unlock Code” or “Send Voice Message”. The preferred method is to send an unlock code through SMS.

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After the code is sent to you by either of the previous ways enter it here then click “View Card”. The code should be sent to you rather quickly, if it does not get to you try clicking “Resend Code” or contacting our customer support.

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After you click “View Card” you will need to copy down your card information. You will only have a minute to do this, but if you do not get the information down in time you can repeat the previous steps to view the card again. Remember your card will reset and no longer be valid 2 minutes after the first charge completes on the card.

Happy Shopping!!

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