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New and Top-Rated Hulu Originals for You to Watch

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Hulu is the most subscribed to TV streaming service by US Unlocked Cardholders. The service has a growing library of hit movies and TV shows. Additionally, we see an ever-increasing lineup of Hulu Originals. Unlike Netflix Originals, new episodes air on a weekly basis. Although this goes against the urge to binge watch, Hulu leaves their viewers with the desire to come back the next week for more. Some of the new Hulu Originals include Future Man and Marvel’s Runaways. Though The Handmaid’s Tale was released earlier in the year, it is a top-rated Hulu Original. You can view the trailers for the shows below.

New Hulu Originals

Future Man

Rotten Tomato Critics: 76%

Audience Score: 86%

Marvel’s Runaways

Rotten Tomato Critics: 82%

Audience Score: 93%

Top-Rated Hulu Original

The Handmaid’s Tale

Rotten Tomato Critics: 95%

Audience Score: 92%

Subscribe to Hulu

To watch Future Man, Marvel’s Runaways, and The Handmaid’s Tale at any time, you need to subscribe to Hulu. You can use your card as the primary payment method. Due to this convenience many US Unlocked Cardholders are subscribed to Hulu. The US Unlocked Card is a virtual prepaid debit card. Furthermore, the US Unlocked Card is used to subscribe to Netflix , Amazon Video, and other TV streaming services.

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