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CDEK Forward

CDEK Forward it’s a service provided by the biggest shipping company CDEK which is #1 private shipping company in Russia. The company was established in 2000. Right now we have more than 3300 offices in Russia and have offices in 24 countries.

Right now we operate our service in 9 countries and send parcels from our warehouses only to Russia, but our main goal this year is to open cross-country delivery and deliver parcels between our offices worldwide.

We’re rebuilding mail-forwarding service and setting new standards on the market, that’s why we add new features to our website every month.

Our main advantages:

  • CDEK it’s a brand you can trust
  • 3300 pick up points near you in Russia
  • Insurance 0,75 % of item amount, no minimum price
  • Brand new website with user-friendly interface and mobile version
  • Video surveillance on every step (receiving, packing, sending)
  • Shipment to Russia 2-3 times per week
  • Free consolidation and receiving packages
  • Free splitting of orders under 10 items to minimize customs duties fee
  • No monthly fee
  • Warehouses in  9 countries ( USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Thailand, UAE)

For online stores:

  • Free collecting passport info for your recipients, because it’s a required by the government with delivery to Russia
  • Free splitting of orders under 10 items to minimize customs duties fee 
  • Fulfillment of your items, drop-shipping
  • Special reduced price for online-stores
  • Automatization of many routine processes for online stores ( we send tracking number to your customers by text/SMS, we can automatically accept money for shipping from your clients by text/SMS)
  • Import data with items and recipients by Excel/CSV to your account

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