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MisterShopUSA is the new age player in the package forwarding industry. Their mission is pretty simple: Be among the industry leaders pretty soon…

Strategically located in Miami, MisterShopUSA allows foreign buyers to shop on US websites and have their packages reshipped to their home address!

To achieve that, you will be provided your own USA delivery address in the MisterShopUSA warehouse based in Florida.

Consolidate and Save:

In addition to offering you great discounts on shipping costs, MisterShopUSA will allow you to save even more by grouping all your U.S. purchases into a single package and have it reshipped to Europe pretty quickly!

Excellence of Services:

Founded by 3 French immigrants, MisterShopUSA is providing an exceptional service to thousands of customers all over Europe and especially France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Nous parlons Francais – Hablamos Espanol – We speak English!

Professionals and online merchants also trust MisterShopUSA for their storage, fulfillment and 3PL services in their Miami, Florida warehouse.

While they keep growing all over Europe, MisterShopUSA is currently expanding to African countries and look forward to developing their services to South America.

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