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When using OPAS, you’re partnered with the creator of package forwarding. OPAS was the only forwarder serving overseas customers all the way back in 1990.

Since at least 2013 OPAS has been one of US Unlocked’s most strategic partners, offering a truly “white glove” repackaging and shipping service.

Calls to the dedicated customer service staff at OPAS can easily be routed to whichever native English or Japanese speaker you’re comfortable with. Because of their Japanese affiliation, they love to give ALL their customers the high level of personal touch service that Japanese customers have become accustomed to.

The affiliate program with OPAS shipping far exceeds all other options. In OPAS Friends, you’ll not only be receiving 5% of every shipment your referrals make, you’ll now also receive 1% of the shipping of every friend of your referral…for life.

OPAS has a significant foothold in Japan, Australia, and the Far East and UK, and a growing presence serving the Middle East markets. They currently ship to over 220 countries around the world.

OPAS in Oregon = 0% Sales Tax Guarantee. If, while using OPAS’ US address, you pay any sales tax, OPAS will refund your shipping cost AND your sales tax.

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2013年以降、OPASは真の商品転送サービスを提供するUS Unlockedの最も戦略的なパートナーのひとつとなりました。







Quick Stats

Square Footage

25,000 Sq Ft

Number of Employees

35 People

Years in Operation

26 Years

Package Membership

Free Lifetime