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Refer a Friend

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We have just recently added a “Refer a Friend” option! It is the perfect way to spread the word about US Unlocked while at the same time earn some cash!

Steps on How to Refer a Friend

Consumer Dashboard Refer a Friend 1
  1. You’ll want to already have signed up for a US Unlocked account.
  2. Once you have made your first load you’ll be eligible to start the refer a friend process.
  3. On your dashboard will be a green tab that says “Earn Cash Now”.
  4. When you click that button a screen will appear just like the image above.
  5. It will give you three options: referral link, promo code, and sharing with your socials.
  6. There is a copy option to start sharing with everyone you know to earn some extra cash!
  7. Just remember that in order for both parties to receive the 5 dollars, the one being referred has to make their first load, and the one referring has to already have made their first load prior.

Where do I put the Promo Code in at?

Load Modal Step 1 1

To be able to use the promo code, you’ll want to set up your US Unlocked account and get to where you can load your account and there will be a box where you can enter your referral promo code!

Here is a link to our help page, if you have any questions on how to load your account or the signup process! Happy Shopping!

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