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Peacock TV

NBC Universal launched their very own streaming service in July 2020 and saw great demand very early. Prior to rolling out their own platform, many of their own shows were being streamed on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu but were quickly made exclusive to Peacock TV. They offer several subscription tiers including Free, Premium ($4.99 / month) and Premium Plus ($9.99 / month) by offering a mix of specific content, ad support, live events and others. Even the Free tier includes a lot of content.

Peacock gives subscribers outside of the US access to sports events like Sunday night football, College Football, Premier League and WWE. Also TV Shows like The Office, Parks & Recreation and movies like Minions and Halloween Ends, both of which are only available on Peacock.

While the service is available in other countries like UK, Ireland and Germany, the content is often very different. The service is currently not available in Australia, NZ or Canada so signing up with US Unlocked and a VPN is a great way to access their unique content.

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