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Audible produces and sells spoken word content including audiobooks, magazines and newspapers and was founded in 1995. Amazon bought audible in 2008 and is now the largest audio retailer in the U.S. with approximately 200,000 audio programs. Many of audible’s listings include DRM protection and the accounts are geo-blocked depending on the location. Audible files are compatible across most devices.


Audible was founded in 1995 by Donald Katz. It released it’s first product, the Audible Player, which allowed for about 2 hours of audio to be downloaded and listened to. In 2003, Audible agreed to be the exclusive provider of audiobooks for the iTunes Music Store. This agreement ended in 2017.

In 2005, Audible released Audible Air, which allowed users to download books to PDAs and smartphones. It updated automatically, deleting chapters that had been listened to.

In 2008, Amazon bought Audible for $300 million.

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