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St. Patrick’s Day Shopping in the U.S.A

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Americans love their special days and one that’s sandwiched in between Valentine’s Day and Easter/Passover is St. Patrick’s Day which is celebrated globally but with significant parades throughout the U.S, the largest being in New York City. Traditionally the day acknowledges the death of St. Patrick but these days it celebrates everything Irish and many stores will pay homage to the special day by offering up sales. If you’re outside the U.S, you may not have access to many items or indeed many sale items so shopping in the U.S stores is required.

St. Patrick’s Day Themed Items

As with many things, the U.S goes big on St. Patrick’s Day themed items so if you’re in the UK or even Canada, finding these products can be a challenge unless you’re able to shop in the USA. With the US Unlocked card, you can get access to a huge inventory.

Amazon offers up a collection of St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts to help you celebrate the day.

lucky charm

Target has a decent selection not just t-shirts but housegoods and food.

Oriental Trading has a range of goodies that include chocolate coins and leprechauns to pencils and balloons to decorate your home or office.

Kohls with have you looking sharp and thinking you have the luck of the Irish with their collection of clothing and home decor.


Other stores are offering decent discounts that may not necessarily get you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but should save you some coin.

St. Patrick’s Day Discounts

Best Buy has plenty of big savings right now. Try the Samsung Galaxy Buds for $50 off. Save $250+ on Dell laptops and $50 on Keurig Coffee Maker

Anthropologie has some great sale items, many of them will not only give you some St. Patrick’s Day satisfaction but will get you ready for Spring

Lululemon has a pretty decent sale right now. Grab a nice shade of green for your March 17 yoga class prior to enjoying a refreshing pint.


ASOS has a special discount for St. Patrick’s Day, offering up to 25% off storewide with the code “PADDY”

How to Shop St. Patrick’s Day Sales in the USA

  1. Sign up for a US Unlocked account
  2. Load your card (may take a few days for the first load)
  3. Create a card for the store you’re looking to purchase from
  4. Connect over VPN from a U.S IP address
  5. Start Shopping