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Summer Shopping in USA

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Summer in many parts of the U.S is a nice time of year for getting out and about and taking advantage of warmer weather. Some States have an extremely short summer season so it’s important to pack in as much outdoor activity as possible. Schools are also off for several months so people are often traveling, vacationing or essentially doing non school activities.

So for many, summer means that trends and activities change and shopping also changes with it so if you’re outside the U.S.A it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of these shopping trends to find bargains and hard-to-get products especially for those in the southern hemisphere during their winter but even across the pond and throughout Europe, summer items in the U.S can be highly sought-after.

Clothing – particularly in early summer, stores are full of summer style clothing fashions with shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits and light flowing dresses dominating store websites. But if you’re in Australia, some parts are getting pretty chilly so you might be looking for warmer gear but the fashion or the pricing isn’t quite right for you. Shopping on US websites opens up a whole new wardrobe! In the US summer, you’ll often find a “clearance” or “sale” section of many websites that will feature many of the winter or fall lines and usually heavily reduced so check your favorite brand out, have your US Unlocked card ready and go to show your mates how fashion-forward you are. Fair dinkum.

Try: Eddie Baur, Aeropostale, SUPREME, Gap, Old Navy

Beach Gear – as many people flock to beaches in the summer (and yes, even in the middle of the country they have beaches at lakes and rivers) we start seeing a lot of equipment being added to websites. While you have the usual suspects of towels, umbrellas and beach chairs but perhaps snorkelling gear, new style of cabana, even surfboards. Hang ten.

Try: Overstock, Target, Walmart, Hammacher Schlemmer & Co.


Streaming services – another nice benefit with summer is that many get to enjoy some increased downtime. If you need a break from the sun or if the weather isn’t cooperating with your beach time, turning to your devices can be the next best thing. Getting access to USA streaming services really opens up your options. The Disney package includes ESPN+ and Hulu to really get you access to a huge range of TV shows and movies. Peacock is really starting to build up a selection of entertainment that is not accessible through other services. Netflix has an amazing selection of shows that cannot be missed. Apple TV+ also has some unique programming options. So much to choose from, so little time.

Try: Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+, Netflix, Sling TV

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Electronics – you may not associate electronic equipment with summer but there is not shortage of options. Whether that includes an electric scooter or onewheel for getting around, or bluetooth speaker but even the benefit of a kindle which provides easy reading conditions on the beach or a drone for cruising around and checking out your area from above.

Try: Amazon, LG, Nintendo, Touch of Modern, Razer Inc.,

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