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US Unlocked Affiliate Program

Join now and maximize the earnings potential of your website by promoting the world's only U.S. purchase instrument for non U.S. citizens. Earn thousands of dollars every month.

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Commission:We pay the best commissions in the industry.

High conversions:Our trusted brand and easy set-up process means the traffic you send to US Unlocked will convert!

Collateral:Banners, images and promotional material are all available to make your job as easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can be made as an affiliate of US Unlocked?

This varies by the amount of traffic driven to the site. At a minimum, our affiliates make $10 for each new customer added that loads their card. Once you consistently add 20 or more accounts per month, you qualify for added incentives which includes a percentage of dollars loaded onto the cards.

How do I qualify as an affiliate?

Typically, our rule of thumb is a reach of at least 10k potential customers through your network. This can be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram followers, or unique monthly page visitors.

How often to you do pay outs?

Our pay-outs are done on a quarterly basis for the majority of our affiliates, but our top tier affiliates have asked to be paid on a monthly basis and we allow this on a case-by-case basis.

What means do you use to pay-out?

This depends by country, but typically it is done via international bank transfer directly into your account.

Are there limitations or guidelines as to what I can write about US Unlocked?

Yes, as we are a registered Mastercard program, there are strict guidelines as to what you can and cannot write about the card. All of the approved materials will be provided to you with your Affiliate Agreement.

Become an Affiliate Now

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