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Black Friday Sales, A Holiday Of Its Own?


Holiday sales are always a wonderful time to shop, whether you are shopping for gifts or trying to find some great deals for yourself! Indulge
this Black Friday, the sale day that seems to have become an extended holiday of its own.

While many sellers are giving early discounts on a variety of merchandise, this is still within the general time frame of Black Friday itself.  A few online retailers are starting as early as Thanksgiving Day, while others are devoting an entire week of sales that lead up to the big day, such as Amazon and Best Buy. This can take the pressure of shopping on Black Friday only and hopefully help you to find the best deals for you!  We’ve seen a few amazing pricing on products and coupon codes that may change hourly. So make sure you keep checking back with your favorite online retailers to see the deals that have going in that moment. Navigating the Black Friday experience can be fun and rewarding.

 Making A Plan

Although online shopping for Black Friday is definitely less stressful that going to the brick and mortar store, it does help to prepare so
you are totally focused on the big day. Here’s a list of things you can do to be prepared.

  • Have a complete list of items to be purchased
  • Research!  It can be helpful to find out what retailers are really offering on Black Friday and through the week. A little trick: sometimes the retailer will not have the link
    on their homepage yet but if you Google the name of the retailer and add black Friday 2014 you can find dedicated pages with their deals.
  • Use bookmarks to quickly access products when they go on sale.
  • Read the fine print on coupons and offers.  Some deals have qualifiers that need to be fulfilled to get the savings.
  • Make sure you have your billing and shipping information handy, even go ahead and create profiles on the sites you know you will be shopping at. Take a look at this Guide to Successful Online Holiday Shopping in the US for the best experience
  • Use the days leading up to Black Friday to prepare for this unique shopping experience.

We hope this helps you have a some fun on Black Friday, and not only completing holiday gift lists, but it also gives you the chance to purchase items for yourself and for the home at a great discount.

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