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Cheaper and Better Baby Gear from the USA

At US Unlocked we ship such a great deal of baby related items like equipment and clothing that we decided to get to the bottom of the why, how, and what by interviewing our loyal customer Lynette Lai from Hong Kong. Have a look at what she says:

1) What baby items/equipment do you buy in the USA?

I buy a huge range of baby goods including baby highchairs, strollers, car seats, baby clothes and shoes, breast pumps and their spare parts, nursing bras and tops, toys, fenugreek, and organic milk tea for lactation, baby utensils, and baby swim gear and floats.

2) What is the main reason for choosing to buy these in the USA and not in your own country? (price, quality, style?)

The main reason for choosing to buy goods in the USA and not in Hong Kong is because they are cheaper and there’s a greater variety of styles/models. I found that many U.S. baby goods (even ones Made In China) are dramatically marked up in HK.

3) What are your favorite brands and stores for these items?

Amazon is a great online store because they stock everything. I love using the Avent line for a baby’s feeding needs. For baby car seats, I definitely prefer Britax. For baby clothes, I love Baby GAP!!!! For nursing tops and bras, I love Bravado. For the high chair and stroller, I recommend Stokke. For linen and bedding, I love Living Textiles.

4) Do you go on blogs or forums to find out what to buy and if so, which are they?

I usually just go on Amazon and read reviews of products before buying. Otherwise, I’ll Google say “best strollers” and see what they come up with.

5) Do you recommend other baby product buyers to use US Unlocked to ship these items to their country?

Definitely. I’ve already recommended a few friends to use US Unlocked to ship goods to Hong Kong. I’ve found that US Unlocked is reasonably priced, reliable, and responsive.

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