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We proudly welcome customers from Canada!

The US Unlocked Card is a prepaid virtual card issued by a U.S. bank and accepted at hundreds of U.S. online retailers.

On this page please find country specific information regarding offered payment methods, supported ID document types, shipping companies and VPN providers.

approved repackaging partners

accepted id types

ID Card
Drivers License

Shop USA from Canada

Also known as the neighbor to the north, one may assume that Canada has many of the same stores as the U.S. and certainly there are many in common. But there are plenty that are only available in the U.S. and some won’t even ship to Canada. Also many streaming services offer different content so the U.S Unlocked card is actually pretty popular in Canada.

Interestingly Walmart is the top merchant in Canada which actually has quite a few stores as well as a website. Many cite pricing differences as the reason for using the U.S Unlocked card.


Sign up today and reward yourself with an interesting collection of merchant specific cards.

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Sign up online and register for the U.S Unlocked service.

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Get approval and start loading your cards.

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Start shopping and streaming and enjoy!

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