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Holiday Shopping Tips with US Unlocked

Holiday Shopping
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With the holiday season around the corner, finding all the holiday presents for under the tree are a must have, and Black Friday is the best holiday shopping event of the season. But with the best deals also comes the chaos of shopping and here at US Unlocked we decided to break down the process of shopping with US Unlocked as easy as possible.

Loading Your Account

Loading your account is very important when going to shop these flash sales. You’ll want to be extra prepared!

  • Make sure to load your account 3-5 days prior to when you wish to shop.
  • Load your US Unlocked Account and pay the one time activation fee to get started.
  • Our US Unlocked Payment Cards will be available for use once the first account load clears.

Make Sure your Freight Forwarder Account is Set Up

When shipping your items from the US to outside the US, you’ll need to be signed up and prepared with one of our freight forwarders.

  • You can choose either “I need a Freight Forwarder” and we can assign one for you, or you can choose “I already have a Freight Forwarder” to link any existing accounts you may have.
  • Make sure to make an account through your freight forwarder and stay up to date on where your package is and when it arrives at the warehouse, so it can be shipped to you.

Which Card to Use

Knowing which card to use is extremely important when shopping these holiday sales.

  • Merchant Specific Card will be used for any merchant you plan on shopping multiple times, or those who will need to charge your card more than once, such as a verification charge.
  • One-Time Use Card will be used when making purchases at a merchant that you will only wish to shop once and keep the payment card number secure.

Step by Step on How to Shop Holiday Deals with US Unlocked

You can use your US Unlocked Card to shop all the deals US Unlocked has to offer!

To Sign Up here are the steps:

  1. Be a US Unlocked Cardholder! Sign Up
  2. Make your first card load payment
  3. Once your load clears your account is set up
  4. Set up your Merchant-Specific Card settings if you plan on being a frequent shopper or use the One-Time Use Card to shop on one-time purchases
  5. Connect over VPN from a U.S. IP address
  6. Enter US Unlocked Card details and make a payment.
  7. Make sure the billing and shipping address are correct
  8. Start shopping!

It is always recommended to check whether your VPN is working. You can go to The IP location displaying should be somewhere in the USA.

Create your US Unlocked account today to start shopping with US Unlocked today!

Where to Shop

Go ahead and browse our list of retailers that the US Unlocked card will work with plus we have a buying guide for the USA holiday season that is updated regularly and may provide more information.