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How to Enable App Authentication

1 . Install an authenticator app in your mobile phone. You can search: Google Authenticator in Google Apps (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).

2 . Log in to your US Unlocked account and click on the card you want to view. Then choose “App Authentication”:


3 . Choose how you want to verify. We suggest using “Email”:

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4 . Check your email for the verification code (check your Spam folder if you do not see it in your Inbox). Note that this code will expire in 2 minutes:

Screenshot 2023 08 17 at 17.09.00

5 . Open the authenticator app on your phone and tap the + sign. Next, choose “Scan QR code” and scan the QR code provided on the next step.

6 . When the 6-digit PIN appears in the authenticator app, enter it, then click “Verify”.

Screenshot 2023 08 17 at 17.09.54

Screenshot 2023 08 17 at 17.10.39

Note that the QR code is different for each account.

7 . You are now done enabling app authentication. Make sure to save the private key provided. This is needed if you want to disable app authentication.

Screenshot 2023 08 17 at 17.11.41

8 . The PIN can now be viewed via the authenticator app on your phone each time you log in as extra security.

How to disable app authentication

1 . Click on your US Unlocked card then choose “App authentication”:

Screenshot 2023 08 17 at 17.12.57

2 . Click on “”Disable app auth”:

Screenshot 2023 08 17 at 17.13.31

3 . Enter the private code (provided on step 7 of enabling app authentication):

Screenshot 2023 08 17 at 17.14.08

Note that the private key will generate a new one after re-enabling app authentication.

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