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How to load your card using Western Union QuickPay

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findusmapWestern Union QuickPay is one of the trusted and convenient payment options available to load your US Unlocked Card. There are more than 200,000 QuickPay enabled Western Union agents available in over 170 countries in the world.

Here’s how to load your card using Western Union QuickPay:

Step 1

Initiating your card load payment takes place from the Dashboard or during the sign-up procedure. First, select the amount you want to load. You can load any amount between $50 and $3500.

Next, select Western Union as your payment method:

The next page will show you a summary where the load fee has been added to load amount and the total amount has been converted into your local currency. The load fees for Western Union are $3 and 3%.

Click Continue To Payment. Next, you will be presented with the Western Union information.  You will use the payment instructions to perform a QuickPay transaction at a QuickPay enabled Western Union agent. For QuickPay locations: (filter for only QuickPay results)

Step 2

You will receive a payment notification when the transfer is received by our payment processor Global Collect and reported to us. The settlement time between Western Union and Global Collect is 3-5 business days. If it is taking longer please send us the receipt of your Western Union transaction that includes the MTCN.

The funds clear to your card the next business day after you received the notification.


QuickPay enabled Western Union agent are usually very familiar with receiving QuickPay transactions but not always with performing QuickPay transactions.

If you encounter an agent who is unaware of how to perform the transaction for you, please show them these simple instructions:



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