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Using Webmoney to load your US Unlocked Card

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Webmoney is a universal payment system used by over 30 million people in the world. At US Unlocked we offer this payment method for loading the US Unlocked Card to customers in 129 countries. The website may look a bit daunting as it is geared to Russian customers. However, it is a global payment tool and safe to use.

The Webmoney account functions like a wallet similar to Paypal. Once the account has been set up and the wallet has been funded you can start making card load payments. To help you get started we have listed the steps and guides for each step below:

  1. Set up a Webmoney account:
  2. Set up USD wallet (WMZ purse):
  3. Add funds to wallet by bank transfer:

Useful information specific to your country/city related to Webmoney:

If at anytime the language changes from English to Russian when browsing, please go to the bottom left corner and select English. When making a card load payment on US Unlocked through Webmoney, the log in screen may display in Russian. Switch back to English in the top right corner.

Loading your card

Initiating your card load payment takes place from the Dashboard or during the sign-up procedure. First select the amount you want to load. The load fee for WebMoney is $4 and 5%.

You can load any amount between $50 and $3500. Next select WebMoney as your payment method and click continue on the summary page. You will be redirected to WebMoney and asked to log into your WM account, follow the steps to complete the online payment.

Your payment clears with 48 hours to your card (Mo-Fr).


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