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Making Payments with Your US Unlocked Account


Your US Unlocked Account has been funded! Time for the fun part of shopping!

Your virtual payment cards details are available to you in your account on My Card by entering your 3 digit PIN. You will simply use the virtual payment cards the same way as you use any debit or credit cards. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Please, make sure:

A. You are using the proper card for the intended purpose.

One-Time Use Card

  • Use when you want to make a quick purchase at a unique merchant.
  • Automatically closes 2 minutes after your first charge completes.
  • After this card closes you can click on the One-Time Use Card again and it will generate a new card for you to use.

Merchant Specific Cards

  • Can be used as many times as you’d like with the same merchant.
  • Put a spending limit on the card! (Per charge, month or year)
  • Best for monthly subscriptions because you can set a monthly limit and if they try to charge you for more than the limit is, it will decline and notify you.
  • Locked to the first merchant they’re authorized with, but cannot be used with any other merchant. This ensures that a breach at one merchant doesn’t put you at risk across the internet.

A. That you are connected over VPN for secure shopping.
If you do not know what VPN (Virtual Private Network) is, please click here.

B. That you fill out the billing details exactly as they appear.
Any change or mistake in the billing details will cause the card to be declined.

C. Use the same address for billing and shipping.
Have your order shipped to your billing address. Most retailers require you use the same address for both shipping and billing and may cancel your order if you use 2 different addresses instead.

D. That you have sufficient balance.

Please verify your available balance on My Card. Often merchants will send an authorization request for more than the actual purchase price. Therefore it is recommended to keep a buffer (some extra balance).

E. That you have checked the merchant policies

  • Some merchants have specific policies regarding acceptance of prepaid debit cards or certain addresses.
    Please check with the merchant to before you place your order.
  • Prepaid cards are usually NOT supported for the purchase of digital gift cards.
  • To find out whether store has accepted the US Unlocked Card before look up the store here.

Having trouble getting your payment through? Have a look at our trouble shooting page.