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Mother’s Day Gifts

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Buy Mother’s Day Gifts from the U.S

Your Mom (or Mum, Mamma, Mater, Motina, Madr, Ma, Mor, Ana, Mam, Aiti depending on where you’re from) does so much for you all year. Forget that she actually gave you life, all the advice, dinners, shoulder to cry on, pocket money, taxi…you name it, the role of Mom is never-ending. So at the very least, for 1 day a year, you can give Mom some time off, some thanks and a gift or two to let her know how important she is to you.

Hopefully you know your Mom better than we do so it’s important to really focus on what she really needs. We like to also consider items that she may not necessarily buy herself so you may want to consider that as part of your buying process. For those outside of the U.S, getting a unique gift that you can’t find locally can make for a really great surprise.

If that’s the direction you choose to go, your first step will be to ensure you have your US Unlocked card to be able to purchase items from stores in the U.S.A. Register for your card here.

Next step will be to browse stores you think Mom would like. Check out our Where to Shop list, or consider your own. Here’s a sample to consider:

6pm – we love this store for its great pricing on brand name items but also it’s huge range of items. From clothing and shoes to eyewear and accessories, there should be no shortage of items to choose from.

Aeropostale – is experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately especially for the younger crowd so perhaps Mom is young at heart and something there will appeal to her.

Athleta – for the active Mom, this activewear company is a very popular option for Mom’s of all shapes and sizes.

Woman Within – offers clothing for women in sizes up to 6X and 44W without compromising fashionable appearances.

E.L.F Cosmetics – around since 2004, their vegan and cruelty-free stance as well as the quality of product has made them a popular option for makeup artists and people of all ages. Consider the Camo Concealer.

Hammacher Schlemmer & Company – have some really interesting and unique items that make the perfect gift for Mom. Items range from jewelry and clothing to electronics fashion accessories.

Crocs – often admired, sometime ridiculed, Crocs have experienced quite the resurgence in popularity recently thanks to celebrity endorsement and social media activities. The U.S store offers some unique designs and some hard-to-find jibbitz that could make it worthwhile.