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The HomePod is Finally Here! Pre-order Today!

HomePod Smart Speaker

Apple HomePod

Yes, you read the title right. Apple finally announced when the HomePod will be available! HomePod pre-orders start Friday, January 26th. It goes on sale for $349 and will begin delivering on Friday, February 9th. Now, what makes the HomePod so special?

Apple HomePod Highlights

The HomePod is Apple’s very first smart speaker which features the lovely Siri. However, that’s not all the HomePod features. It also features the following:

  • Hey Siri- The HomePod has six microphones for Siri to listen for any command you must throw at her. Moreover, Siri can even hear you over loud music playing, so you don’t have to worry about lowering the volume. Simply say, “Hey Siri,” and Siri will have you covered.
  • Superb Sound Quality- Apple really designed the HomePod to compete against speakers like the Sonos line. Therefore, Apple added seven tweeters, a sub-woofer with a custom amplifier, and an A8 chip. The A8 chip helps the HomePod sound better than an average smart speaker.
  • Apple AirPlay 2- This allows you to stream music from your iOS device to your HomePod. Think of it as Apple’s version of Bluetooth. Unfortunately, AirPlay 2 won’t be available when it’d time for the HomePod to ship.

How to Pre-order the HomePod from the U.S. Apple Online Store?

Pre-ordering the HomePod from Apple’s U.S. online store is quite simple! All you need is a US Unlocked Card and a U.S. Apple account. The US Unlocked Card is a US-issued virtual prepaid debit card with a U.S. billing address. Moreover, the US Unlocked Card is payment method needed to shop online in the U.S. from anywhere around the world. By following the steps below, you will be moments away from pre-ordering the HomePod:

  1. Sign up for your very own US Unlocked Card.
  2. Link your US Unlocked Card to your Apple Account.
  3. Order the HomePod!