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New Apple Products in 2023

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Every year rumors circulate about the latest Apple product releases and this year is no different. It may actually be a little more exciting than the past few years. 2021 and 2022 saw quite a few product upgrades and enhancements, the M1 and M2 chips being possibly the more exciting addition but essentially they updated the iPhone, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, iPad and iPad Pro some of which were more significant than others but there were no new item announcements.

2023 Rumors

So word has it that there will continue to be some decent upgrades to a few of their flagship products. Most of these will include their newest chips the M2 Pro and M2 Max and that an M2 Ultra is in development. The Mac Pro, Mac mini will most likely get the M2 treatment while the MacBook Air will most likely get a size increase to 15″.

HomePod may be in line for some updating as well with a new processor and touch panel but a cheaper price point.

iPhones (specifically the iPhone 15) will apparently have a USB-C port, new camera technology but previous rumors that suggested prices will be lower than the iPhone 14 don’t sound to be accurate, in fact it may well be the opposite.

The more exciting potential is about the long-rumored AR/VR Headset called “Reality Pro” and they expect to announce some time close to June, possibly at WWDC. It’s supposed to be pretty pricey though at around the $2K mark.

Accessing New Apple Products from Overseas

While most of these products should land internationally (there may be some different release timing though) the opportunity to get in early is still there with the US Unlocked card. Additionally, with pricing increases across many of the items, rates may be a lot better from the U.S. so make sure to do some comparing prior to purchase.

Buying Apple Products with US Unlocked

-Sign up for a US Unlocked account if you haven’t already
– Add your information to the system (there may be a short wait time so get it in earlier than later).
– Either choose the Merchant Specific card (if you plan on making several purchases with Apple) or the One Time Use card which will essentially expire 2 minutes after use.
– You will see your card number plus shipping address in your dashboard.
– Sign into your VPN and choose USA.
– Go to and go ahead with your purchase.