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Learn How to Save More When Shopping Online in the U.S.

USU Savings

First, let’s start off by asking, “Who doesn’t like to save money when you shop?” Shopping online in the U.S. is one step forward toward saving when you shop. However, the savings don’t just end by shopping in the U.S. That is just the beginning. There are many ways you can save and we’d like to share them with you.

Add to your shopping cart… Then abandon it
The idea behind this is that businesses like to close on deals. They don’t like giving up the chance to sell their product. By leaving your shopping cart, you make the business want to sell you that product even more because you showed a clear interest in it. They may send you an email within a few days offering you a nice discount on your purchase. Hence, making you want to complete your order even more.

Discounts. Discounts. Discounts.
It surprises me to know how many people still don’t take advantage of discounts businesses offer. Businesses most likely have some type of sale going on that may not be so obvious. You might see it once you go to their site or you might not. Knowing what discount codes are available and using it can sometimes save you $10 on a purchase or maybe $30. Either way, that is money you can use elsewhere.

There are also sites like RetailMeNot or Coupon Craze that have a bunch of coupon codes you can use for many retailers. They inform on tons of coupons daily so, you might want to use a separate email for their account. Also, different businesses allow you to stack coupons on top of each other. Knowing how to stack is important. If you have two discount codes, 20% off and $10 off. It is better to take 20$ off the full price then take $10 off. If you do it the other way, 20% off the lesser-value ends up saving you less.

Rewards Programs
Lots of retailers offer some type of rewards program. Whereby the more you shop there, the more you can save on later purchases. Having one of these accounts makes you one of the first people to know about sales that are going on. A lot of the time you can use the discount codes before it is released to the public. This comes in handy around Black Friday. Once I shopped at Gap the day before Black Friday and received 50% off my entire purchase.

Social Media
Maybe you don’t want to sign up for their rewards program or you don’t want to be bombarded by emails all the time. Businesses most of the time post different sales on social media. By following your favorite retailers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you have the opportunity to know the sales without the emails.

Don’t Pay for Shipping
You might see something like, “Free shipping on orders $50 or more.” Shipping may cost you anywhere between $8 or more. So, why not use that $8 on another item in your cart. Sites like Amazon offer memberships like Amazon Prime, where you can have free 2-day shipping. Shipping to your repackager for faster and for free sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


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