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How to set up your US Unlocked account

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HIW-5Applying for your US Unlocked Card is easy. Your card is normally issued upon account completion and ready for use when your first card load payment clears. In this guide we will walk you through the different steps.

Step 1: Member Information

Start your registration here. The first screen you will see is this one:


Fill out the fields and click Next Step.


Please fill out your home address in your country (no PO Box please). The correct format for your phone number is: country code, area code, local number (e.g.: 554899112233). Click Next Step.



Please select the billing address you will be using for your card.

The U.S. addresses we offer are tied to our shipping partners. The allowed shipping partners are listed  All companies will provide you with a U.S. shipping address that you will also use for your card.

Select the shipping company you use for your shipments and enter your suite/account number of the U.S. address.

Step 3: ID Verification


Click Proceed.

To find out what ID types are supported for your country, please go to and select your country.


Click Start Verification.


Choose the issuing country of your ID document.

If the issuing country of your ID document is different than the country on the screen, please select the correct issuing country first. Based on the issuing country you will select one of the supported ID types. You must provide a supported ID type, any unsupported types will not be accepted.

Click on an ID type and proceed to upload an image of your ID of this type.

Upload requirements:

  • JPG format
  • In color (black and white not accepted)
  • File size under 8 MB

For passports: these are international passports (e.g. Russian national passports are not supported).


Once successfully uploaded it will take 1-2 minutes for the document to be verified.

Next, enter the dates your document was issued and when it expires and click Submit:


Step 3: Load your card

You can load any amount between $50 and $3500. The payment methods we offer vary per country.

To find out what payment methods are offered for your country, please go to and select your country.

Your card will be ready for use when the first card load payment clears to your card. The latter takes 3-5 business days.


Select your load amount, then select the payment method you want to use.

Follow the steps to complete your payment.


Congratulations, you are all set!


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