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Get Your Personal Stylist from the U.S.

Untitled2Being the busy people we all are, it is sometimes hard to find the time to go out and shop for ourselves. Maybe going to a crowded mall is a nuisance for us. Possibly waiting on the long lines at your favorite clothing store just isn’t worth your time. On the other hand, you enjoy going to the mall but it takes you hours to figure out exactly what you want. You leave the store without trying it on because the fitting room line is too long. Now you have to go back and return or exchange it for something else. Even if you prefer to shop online for your clothes, there is still a chance that you don’t like what you purchased. The solution to this problem is having a personal stylist. Introducing Bombfell and Stitch Fix, your personal shoppers from the US.


What is Bombfell?

Bombfell is one of the many services that offer personal stylists for men. This isn’t a subscription based service, so you pay for whatever you decide to keep. When setting up your account you will tell them your size and styling preference. You’ll let them know how much you are willing to spend, in other words, your budget. Clothes typically range from $69 to $200. Your stylist will ask what you are hoping to receive and you schedule when you want it. Before the items are sent, you have the chance to review what was picked for you and change it if necessary. You have 10 days to try on everything you received and whatever you don’t like, you send back. No worries, shipping is entirely free, from Bombfell and to Bombfell. They use your information gathered from your social media accounts to find out more about you and your current style. This way they don’t send you formal wear when you typically prefer to go casual.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is similar to Bombfell however, it is catered to women. When you sign up you take a styling survey so that the stylists know what you like. Stitch Fix will then send you 5 articles of clothing that are personalized for you. Again, you pay for what you keep. Based on your feedback, your stylist will learn more about you for your next order. Scheduling your order is stress-free, you can choose whether you want is regularly or when it’s convenient for you. In this sense, you can choose how frequent you want your shipments to come in or “Fix.” There are 2-3 week, monthly, every other month or every 3 month options. There is a styling fee that you pay which is $20 that is then used toward your overall order. Stitch Fix also offers a 25% discount if you like everything that was sent to you.

How to have a personal stylist from the US?

This is where US Unlocked can help. Our US Unlocked Card is a virtual prepaid debit card that allows for you to purchase goods and services from online US stores where prepaid debit cards are accepted. When you use our US Unlocked Card as a payment method when signing up for Bombfell or Stitch Fix you can have your personal stylist. It is important to know that when accessing these sites, you should be connected to a VPN. Also, use your US address provided by your repackager.

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