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US Unlocked is Back

After a long-anticipated return, US Unlocked is back and better than ever! 

We have given the entire platform a facelift from our Consumer Facing Dashboard to our Backend Systems. The team has been hard at work in order to enable members a more seamless/secure experience when shopping US Merchants online. 

The US Unlocked dashboard has been completely recreated in order to provide the most seamless cross-border shopping experience possible. Everything you need to shop US Merchants can be conveniently found on a single page. The most notable change our past users will find is that funds will now flow down from a master Account Balance. This means the individual cards will not be loaded and hold a balance but rather pull from your US Unlocked Account Balance. This makes shopping easy! All you have to do is make sure the appropriate amount of funds are available for spending in your account before you can start using the US Unlocked Virtual Payment Cards.

Limited Time FEE FREE Loads! 

To celebrate the relaunch, US Unlocked is running a limited-time promotion offering Fee-Free Loads! This promotion ends April 17th so be sure to load now and take advantage of no load fees!

Load your US Unlocked Account using: (local) bank transfers,  Ideal, Sofort, Yandex, Boleto, WeChat Pay, and Alipay.

The New US Unlocked Virtual Payment Cards

Members can now take advantage of our Virtual Payment Cards to shop virtually any US Merchants where Visa and Mastercard are accepted! There are two card types that are funded from your US Unlocked Account Balance and make shopping both simple and secure. 

The One-Time Use card was created to give you peace of mind and the highest level of security when making online purchases. The One-Time Use card generates a new card number after every transaction. Don’t worry, this simply means that a merchant will never be able to charge you twice for a good or service. After a transaction, you simply need to login to your dashboard and refresh your card information. 

Places we use the One-Time Use Card

  • Merchants where there are not frequent repeat purchases
  • Shopping new sites online
  • One-off purchases

Merchant Specific Cards

Much like the One-Time Use Card, the Merchant Specific Cards were designed to provide the highest level of security while allowing for repeat purchases at a single merchant. This means the Card number is locked to the first merchant it is used for. In addition to this, Merchant Specific Cards have an optional setting where you can configure how much and how frequently a merchant can pull funds from your card. This gives you full control of your assets and more power while shopping online.

Places we use the Merchant Specific Cards

  • Subscription-based services
  • Vendors where we have frequent repeat purchases (ie. Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, etc)
  • Places where we need to be able to make repeat purchases

Meet Ruby, Your USU Shopping Assistant

Ruby is your premium cross-border concierge shopping assistant. She streamlines how you shop by providing support along the way from common account issues, shopping tips and tricks, assistance with loading and using the US Unlocked Virtual Payment Cards, connecting with our premium partnered overseas freight forwarders, VPN setup, account management, and any other issues/questions you might incur along the way. 

Have a question? Just Ask Ruby Today

It’s good to be back, 
The US Unlocked Team  

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