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US Unlocked Unveils New Freight-Fowardering Partnership with MisterShopUSA!

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US Unlocked is always here for their customers and in doing so we make sure to partner up with the best in class! Freight forwarding partners serve an integral role in the US Unlocked experience.

Our Freight Forwarders shipping addresses are the same as the billing addresses on our US Unlocked Virtual Payment Cards. This means our customers are granted a superior ability to shop US Merchants that normally would have restrictions in place on overseas purchases and shipping.

“Collaboration is a key part of success in any organization.

That is why MisterShopUSA is thrilled for the opportunity to partner with US Unlocked and look forward to strengthening that relationship for one simple reason: To satisfy our common customers by offering them innovative exceptional services.”

Hamid Benk. – CEO @ MisterShopUSA

US Unlocked is proud to announce a partnership with MisterShopUSA to further expand the list of our Certified Freight Forwarding Partners! We believe strategic partnerships are the backbone of the US Unlocked Service. We welcome aboard MisterShopUSA and look forward to the value-added to both of our users!

Indigo Glaze – Marketing Director @ US Unlocked
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Setting up MisterShopUSA as a Freight Forwarder Steps

Step 1: Create an US Unlocked account

Step 2: Input all required

Step 3: You can choose MisterShop as a Freight Forwarder.

Step 4: You will see your warehouse location and suite number when you sign up.

Step 5: Use this address when choosing where to ship your package during your purchase.

Step 6: Make sure to make an account through the freight forwarder and stay up to date on where your package is and when it arrives at the warehouse, so it can be shipped to you.

Step 6: Enjoy your package and enjoy shopping with US Unlocked!

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