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Best Practices for the US Unlocked Virtual Payment Cards

Best Practices

The US Unlocked Virtual Payment Cards

Shop online with ease while still being totally secure.
There are two US Unlocked Virtual Payment Card types that you have access to once you create a US Unlocked Account!

The One-Time-Use Card

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This card was created to give you peace of mind and the highest level of security when making online purchases. The One-Time Use card generates a new card number after every transaction. Don’t worry, this simply means that a merchant will never be able to charge you twice for a good or service.

Places we use the One-Time Use Card

  • Merchants where there are not frequent repeat purchases
  • Shopping new sites online
  • One-off purchases

Merchant Specific Cards

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Much like the One-Time Use Card, the Merchant Specific Cards were designed to provide the highest level of security while allowing for repeat purchases at a single merchant. This means the Card number is locked to the first merchant it is used for.

Places we use the Merchant Specific Cards

  • Subscription-based services
  • Vendors where we have frequent repeat purchases (ie. Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, etc)
  • Places where we need to be able to make repeat purchases

Setting Spending Limits for Merchant Specific Cards

Merchant Specific Cards have an optional setting where you can configure how much and how frequently a merchant can pull funds from your card. This gives you full control of your assets and more power while shopping online.

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Card Nickname – Quick reference to organize and label your cards

Spend Limit- The maximum dollar value that a merchant is allowed to charge your card

Frequency Settings
These settings can be configured per Merchant Specific card and enable you to budget and restrict a merchant’s abilities to charge you.

Per Charge- Max spending amount per transaction basis

Per Month- Maximum spending amount allowed per month

Per Year- Maximum spending amount allowed per year

No Limit-No limit as to what a merchant can charge

Happy Shopping!
– Indigo Glaze