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Cool Gadgets from CES 2017

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the largest tech conventions of the year. It’s where tech companies from around the globe debut the gadgets that will release later in the year. This year’s CES is going on now and well underway. Below we listed a few unique products that caught our attention.

usu-powerrayPowerRay Underwater Drone

Some of us own drones in the sky; now CES 2017 shows us the PowerRay underwater drone. Available for pre-order on February 27th, the PowerRay can go 30 meters underwater and detects fish an additional 40 meters below it. If that isn’t a big enough “wow” factor, PowerVision, the designers of PowerRay, has an option for users to control the PowerRay with VR goggles.


usu-himirrorHi-Mirror Plus

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? The Hi-Mirror Plus is a smart mirror that will give you makeup suggestions. It measures your skin conditions and offers suggestions based on its findings. The mirror is priced at $249.

usu-smart-showerMoen’s U Shower

If you’re looking to renovate your shower, the Moen’s U is a smart option for you. The U has a digital valve and digital controller. It can control up to multiple shower heads and body sprayers. After it’s installed, you can control your shower directly from the app on your smartphone. Cool features include: starting your shower from outside of the bathroom, setting the shower at your ideal temperature, and setting a timer for your shower.


usu-mattelMattel’s Aristotle

Aristotle is a voice-activated smart assistant/baby monitor. Aristotle comes with two smart assistants, Aristotle and Amazon Alexa. Therefore, it has all the smart-home capabilities as Alexa but can also interact with your kids. Moreover, it includes a wireless camera that can stream videos to your phone.


These are just four of the many products that caught our attention. Legos also released a building and coding set that will help children build smart toys. Amazon Alexa is able to connect to more gadgets, allowing you to even brew coffee from your bed. We are interested in know what products you found fascinating at CES 2017. Feel free to mention us on Twitter, or share a photo with us on Facebook.

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