Father’s Day Gifts from USA

You don’t want to wait until the day before Father’s Day to get your dad a gift especially if you’re looking for that perfect gift outside your country, you’ll need to take into account International shipping. For a unique gift (or better price), shopping stores in the USA can be highly beneficial. With so many stores and options, you’re sure to be able to find that perfect gift for the man you call Dad or Da or Pop, Abba, Papa, Bapa, Tatay or the many nicknames like Dadaroo, Popsicle, Padre, Poppy. It’s nice to celebrate the one who brought you into the world or raised you and giving a thoughtful gift at least once a year is a good idea. Whether you’re looking for a bar of soap, socks, the latest gadget or a 60-inch HDTV, US Unlocked provides a way to access a whole slew of stores to find what you’re looking for. The super helpful guide will help you find awesome Electronic, Fashion and Do It Yourself.


We all know what electronics our father is likes the most. Does your dad have a man cave, a room in the house where he can have some guy time? If his man cave needs some items, we’ve got some suggestions. If your dad is more interested in fitness, there are deals on Fitbit, Garmin, and TomTom fitness trackers. Possibly you are looking for something that is not expensive, there are products you can buy your dad for under $100. Try these:

Hammacher Schlemmer & Company – these folks have some really unique electronic items as gifts that are perfect for the gadget lover. How about a bike speaker? Or a crank powered emergency radio that will charge his phone?



For the Dad who likes to look good or loves the latest fashion items there are plenty of fashion options. Some items may only be available in the U.S like sneakers or certain popular brands and collaborations. From sunglasses or fitness apparel to casual or outerwear, we’ve got several options.

SneakersNike is the largest supplier of athletic shoes has some hard to find and unique options not available anywhere else. Maybe a new shoe or even an older style would be perfect for Dad. May also be worth checking out websites like Zappos or Foot Locker for a wider variety of options.

Outerwear – For the outdoorsman, some shops in the USA are only accessible to those in the US. Backcountry has an extensive offering, Edie Bauer has some unique items as does Columbia or even REI, there are plenty of options.

Accessories – there are plenty of stores in the USA to buy accessories. We like 6pm as a place to get good pricing on items like sunglasses and watches but even megastores like Walmart and Amazon are a suitable destination for finding items for dad.


Thanks to YouTube it has become a little easier to take care of those DIY projects that he’s been putting off. So let’s make sure dad has all the tools necessary to get the job done. Pricing on home improvement tools can be a lot better in the US plus there may be some unique tools that he didnt even know he needed.

Overstock – offers some good deals on a range of items. Magnetic wristband to hold screws and nails? Sure thing.

Pottery Barn – again some really unique items here. How about a collapsible wheelbarrow?



For the Dad who enjoys the latest TV shows or movies, getting him a subscription to U.S Netflix, HBO Max or Hulu. Don’t forget to grab him a VPN services as well.

Netflix – still the top dog of streaming services, the amount of movies and shows available is staggering. Whether he likes the older shows like The Social Network or more recent ones like The Last Kingdom, he’s sure to find something he likes.

HBO Max – often gets some of the newer shows plus they’ll have their own content that you cant find anywhere else.

Hulu – a great way to access live TV in the U.S, Hulu has an extensive range of shows and even sports. Grab the Disney bundle and you’ll be set!

Apple TV+ – certainly really gaining steam in popularity due to its unique content, Apple TV+ is a must for the Dad who loves Ted Lasso or Severance.

Our Unique Gift Options for Dad

For the dad that works with his hands, needs tools, and grunts a lot:

For The Tech Dad

USU iPad Pro

For the computer-generate dad who salivates over the latest gadgets:

For The Fitness Dad

USU Fitbit Charge2 2

For the gym-going, biking, running, all around workout dad:

For The Stylish Dad

Or the (wannabe) runway dad:

You want to buy your dad something different, something you haven’t gotten him before. The best way to save on your Father’s Day gift is by shopping online where the best deals are and that is right here in the U.S. Here at US Unlocked, we help make that possible for you. Our US Unlocked Card is a US-issued debit card with a U.S. billing address that allows you to shop online in the U.S. Signing up for the card is simple and secure.

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