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Enter 2018 with Powerful 4K Streaming Devices


The newest high-resolution viewing format is 4K. HD TV’s are great. However, 4K is even better. Being that 4K is the new wave, you want to have TV streaming devices that are capable of streaming content in 4K resolution. Therefore, we are recommending some of the best streaming devices you can find now that will have you ready for the new year.

Best 4K Streaming Devices

Amazon-Fire-TVAmazon Fire TV

  • Ask Alexa to play shows and movies as you wish.
  • Amazon Echo owners can have a handsfree experience by asking Alexa to play media to the TV.
  • Ideal for users with Amazon Prime.
  • The new design makes the Fire TV virtually invisible.
  • Cost- $69.99

Apple-4K-TVApple TV 4K

  • Siri has been improved, and it’s a welcoming addition.
  • Apple TV finally supports 4K and HDR. This makes for a superb viewing experience.
  • Purchasing Apple’s 4K does not come with a price hike. 4K and HD versions cost the same.
  • An iPhone or iPad can be used to set up the Apple TV. Information from your Apple account is imported into the Apple TV, even Wi-Fi setting.
  • Cost- $179.99


Roku-UltraRoku Ultra

  • The quad-core processor allows the Roku Ultra to handle HD, 4K and HDR streaming.
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity capabilities
  • Thousands of streaming options via Roku Channels. You can find some of the best channels here.
  • Fully loaded remote with volume controls, streaming shortcuts, lost remote finder, and private listening.
  • Cost – $99.99

What to Watch on Your New 4K Devices