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Netflix Originals You Don’t Want to Miss

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Netflix has an expansive library of original content for viewers to choose from. Therefore, choosing which original to choose from can quickly become a demanding task. We are more than happy to take on that responsibility for you. We’ve brought down your options of over 100 Netflix originals to a mere two! You will not go wrong by starting with any one of the following two shows.

netflix-stranger-thingsStranger Things

What’s the show about?
The show follows a group of kids as they look for their missing friend Will. While on their search for Will, the kids encounter Eleven. Eleven provides some key information on the whereabouts of their friend Will. Throughout the show, we face suspense, horror, and even some romance.

Why should you watch it?
The group of kids the show is based around are all amazing actors. Also, the show isn’t dragged out. We have a great show delivered in eight episodes in season 1, and nine episodes in season 2. The feeling is a bittersweet one. On the one hand, we appreciate the quality in each episode. However, on the other hand, we don’t want the season to end.


What’s the show about?
In a nutshell, the show is about two FBI agents who visit prisons across the United States to interview serial killers. They try to understand their thinking. Not only do we gain insight into the minds of these serial killers, but we’re also able to grasp the agents understanding of these killers via their conversations with each other.

Why should you watch it?
The shows in a way fulfill the curiosity that is in many of us. What drives a serial killer? How do the serial killers feel after they are caught? And, how did they get caught? The show managed to answer these questions and much more without showing much of the gore behind each of the murders.

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