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What We Like About the New Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

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Samsung Galaxy S9

It’s that time of year for Samsung to release this year’s version of their Flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9, and S9+. At first glance, the S9 looks similar to the Galaxy S8. However, Samsung did make a few improvements that are welcomed.

Top Galaxy S9 & S9+ Features

  1. Fingerprint Sensor- Last year, Samsung decided it was a good idea to place the fingerprint sensor on the side of the camera. This was something many people complained about due to how hard it was to reach. Fortunately, Samsung fixed the design flaw and placed the sensor in the center, below the camera.
  2. Snapdragon 845 Chip- The new Snapdragon 845 chip offers increased performance compared to last year’s Snapdragon 835. The true benefit is when you’re playing intense games, and multitasking. Thus, no need to worry about your smartphone slowing down because of too many apps opened in the background.
  3. Slow Motion Video- The Galaxy S9’s new camera can shoot a 6-second slow-motion video at 960 frames per second at 720p resolution. The camera automatically detects fast movements in the frame and begins to record. After the clip is recorded, you can edit the clip to loop, go back and forth, or put it in reverse.
  4. Bixby Vision- The Galaxy S9’s still features a dedicated Bixby button. We do not see the button being removed anytime soon. Therefore, it’s a good thing Samsung improved the functionality of Bixby. On the S9 you can use Bixby Vision to translate text, view calorie counts in different foods, and virtually apply makeup to your face. Regarding the makeup, a Sephora integration allows users to purchase the makeup they applied.
  5. Stereo Speakers- Another loved feature of the Galaxy S9 is the upgraded speakers. The top earpiece now works with the bottom firing speaker to create even better sound. Often times when we use our phones in landscape mode, our hands cover the bottom speaker. Fortunately, the sound quality will not be sacrificed much.

How to order your Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ from the U.S.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 and S9+ go on sale on March 16 for $720 and $840 respectively. Fortunately for global shoppers looking to save on their new Galaxy, buying the phone online in the U.S. will save you money. However, a U.S. payment method is needed. Luckily, the US Unlocked Card is the U.S. issued virtual prepaid debit card global shoppers can use to buy their Galaxy S9. Additionally, the US Unlocked Card is issued with U.S. billing address. Simply sign up for your US Unlocked Card, load your card and purchase your phone while connected to a U.S. IP address using a VPN provider.

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