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Shopping Memorial Day in the U.S.


It’s time to get ready for your next shopping spree because Memorial Day is its way. When Memorial Day comes, so do sales. We want to give you a few tips when shopping on Memorial Day so your shopping spree will be worth your time.

Save on Clothing

You can expect to see plenty of sales on spring clothing. Why? Because summer will be here about 3 weeks after Memorial Day, and retailers want to shed their spring collection. You will see discounts ranging from 20% to 90% off on many of your favorite stores; Macy’s, Uniqlo, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Gap.  Ralph LaurenCalvin Klein, and Cole Haan are also offering discounts, all brands that you know you love.

Save on Home Goods

Not only can you save on clothing for the summer, you can also save on home essentials. Do you want new kitchenware? Bingo, there are deals for that. Want new cookware? Bango, there are deals for that too. Maybe you want to save on new home décor? Bongo, we found deals on this also. Bingo! Bango! Bongo! You can shop on Williams-Sonoma, and CB2, as well as many others.

How to Shop US Memorial Day Sales in the U.S.?

You can use our US Unlocked card to shop US Memorial Day sales in the U.S. Our US Unlocked card is accepted on most U.S. websites where prepaid is accepted. We partner with forward shipping companies that allow us to use their address as the billing address on our cards. When using our card, do make sure you are always connected over VPN (U.S. IP address) when making a purchase. To check whether your VPN is working you can go to The IP location will need to be somewhere in the U.S.A.

We also encourage you to check out Learn How to Save More When Shopping Online in the U.S. Here you will find more tips on saving in the U.S.

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