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  • Rock the Roku!

    Rock the Roku!

    If you have a Roku streaming device in your home, you already know that cable TV is a thing of the past. All that’s left is making sure you are making the…

  • Best Shows to Spend All Day Binge-Watching

    Best Shows to Spend All Day Binge-Watching

    One of Americas favorite activities is binge-watching and catching up on the latest shows. Whether you’re a die hard “Friends” fan or catching up the new episodes of “Euphoria”, US…

  • Online TV Streaming Updates

    Online TV Streaming Updates

    One of the biggest online TV streaming updates this week is the announcement of AT&T’s Direct TV Now. This new service is comparable to Sling TV and Playstation Vue in…

  • Stream more TV with the Roku Familiy!

    Stream more TV with the Roku Familiy!

    Watching TV is continuously being made easier and easier, with streaming players like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. Cable television is no longer necessary, especially because of services…

  • Watch Live TV from Anywhere

    Watch Live TV from Anywhere

    One drawback that Netflix and Hulu have is that you can’t watch live TV. For some, in order to watch live TV a cable service is needed. For others, they’ve…

  • How To Netflix and Chill!

    How To Netflix and Chill!

    Whether you are taking Netflix and Chill literally or figuratively, it all starts with access to Netflix even from outside the US. With it’s its vast library of movies, TV…

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